Monday, January 17, 2011

Interior Design Photography Blog - San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge Photos

January 16th 2011 photos.

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Today I went out and took some pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge just before the sun set. Below are some of my photograghs that I took. I set up with a tripod and patiently waited for the scenery changes.

What I like about photographing this bridge is the dynamic and differing scenes captured from the same angles or slightly differing angles from the same shot. At any moment in time and with patience a sailboat, helicopter, blimp, or even the rolling fog can dramatically alter the scene.

I hope you enjoy these photos.

Golden Gate Bridge-  Note the rolling fog in this photograph. Sailboats and ships will soon enter the next pictures to add to the beauty of the next scenes of the same. I have added both black & white photos and also color photos.

View this and other hi-resolution photos at my black and white and nature galleries  Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge- Notice the sailboat in the left corner of the scene.

Golden Gate Bridge- Notice the helicopter in the left top corner of the scene in this image.

Golden Gate Bridge- You cannot but notice how the scene changes with the ship entering in to the picture. The fog horn from this freighter was clearly audible if you were present!

Golden Gate Bridge- One last close-up which captures the contrasting of the colors of the bridge and the fog rolling in.

View this in hi-resolution including other similar photos at


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